Tokenspeed Leasing Pool

Pool LPOS waves mining is currently little and far from expectations of the waves platform, because of its lack of interest of leassors to lease their waves because of lack of information and knowledge in leasing and running nodes waves individually (not developers). We will provide information and learning online for those interested in running the node. Our pool node project will provide leassors with a planned percentage of 0.25% -0.5% per week of their leased waves in the Tokenspeed pool by distributing verified waves assets.
Pool nodes is limited of 5,000,000 waves to be isolated so that we can maintain our stability of expenditure, and maybe we will direct it to another small pool node that we input to our list of partners on the web and we will also run a new node.



Lease your waves at this address


Free 1000 TSP

We will give 1000 TSP to 100 address in the first week


For each address that has 500 TSP we will share the lease result of Liquid / WCT and 0.25% TSP from the number of waves that are leased in Tokenspeednode pool every week.

Monthly Bonus

We will also give waves to 20 selected address which listed in tokenspeednode pool randomly every month